Welcome to The Tree in the River, a faith based herbal business and blog in its beginning stages. I am a student of herbalism striving to provide the Lake County, IL community with high quality homemade herbal products that can enrich everyday life and health. Plants have incredible abilities and properties that would fascinate anyone who takes the time to appreciate and study them. This is a place where one can learn a little about the thousands of plants out there and what they have to offer as well as have access to locally made herbal products. Plants were God’s original food for all His creatures (Genesis 1:29-30) and will continue to be an important source of health even in the restored creation at the end of time (Rev 22:1-2). A closer look at plants will reveal that God knew exactly what He was doing. With a wealth of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, plants are the best things we can nourish and build our body with.


This is also a space where I often share my musings of creation and how it impacts the way we live and think about the Christian life. I explore many topics from the Christian worldview (Animals, food, relationships etc.…) in hopes of helping others see how our faith can impact our attitudes and actions towards many things.


All are welcome, those of the faith, those exploring it, those asking questions and those who don’t necessarily identify with Christianity but are interested in plants and herbal products.